May 2015 Flicker Box Review


I received a surprise Flicker Box this month and boy, am I happy I did! The theme for May was “Flower Market” and it is definitely my favorite box I have gotten so far. Flicker Box is a monthly candle subscription. Your first month starts at $25 and the subsequent months go up to $34. I have found that the boxes have a value over that amount, so I find this subscription to be a great value. You can visit their website and sign up for your Flicker Box here.


For some reason, my box this month did not include an information card. The information I’m including in this post is found from the candles’ websites.


Mosley Lane for Flicker Box Lilac Candle

I love the smell of lilac and I love this candle! I’m so glad it’s huge, I want to have it burning all the time. It’s not overpowering but definitely can scent a room. It is made of 100% soy/beeswax and is listed as burning for over 50 hours. This 11 oz. candle costs $14.49 on I will be enjoying this candle all through the spring and summer.


Soy Delites Jasmine Travel Candle with matches

This is another delicious scent! Jasmine is one of my favorite fragrant flowers so I’m very happy with this. I also love that this company included a container of matches. This candle is 4 oz. and made of soy wax (as the brand name indicates). It’s burn time is about 25 hours. You can buy one for $7.99 here. They have a Cucumber Melon scent that I want to try!


Eco Candle Co. Peony Candle with Flicker Box matches

I know I’ve said this for every candle, but I love the scent! Peonies are so beautiful to look at but I didn’t know they smelled great, too! I have previously gotten assorted tealights from this company in my Flicker Box and they were nice scents, so it’s nice to see this company again! This candle also smells great when burned with the lilac one; like a sun-warmed flower garden. This is a 5 oz. soy candle that sells for $11 on the Eco Candle website. They have a bunch of other awesome-sounding and unique scents, like “Grass Stain” and “Blueberry Patch.”

This box has a value of $33.50 (not counting the matches). This is a bit under the price of the box, but the candles are still much less than what you would pay for them in stores and boutiques, so I think it’s worth it. As I said, this is my favorite box that I’ve received; the theme was done perfectly and all the candles smell amazing. Thanks, Flicker Box!


2 thoughts on “May 2015 Flicker Box Review

  1. I’ve been waiting for someone to review the May Flicker Box – it’s my first one (so $25) and I love it! I was actually trying to get the April box bc the kitchen scents looked amazing but when I got these three floral scents, I couldn’t believe how much I loved them all!!
    I knew I liked Lilac bc we had a bush in our backyard growing up but didn’t realize I love Jasmine or that peony smells so good either. πŸ™‚ I don’t remember to light candles very often but I think I will now.

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