Stone Fruit Tart with Hazelnut-Coconut Crust


I was inspired to make a summer fruit pie when I got some ripe apricots at Trader Joe’s and then some fresh plums at church yesterday. I haven’t made a paleo fruit pie, so I decided to experiment and make up my own recipe. The dough was made from leftover hazelnuts I had lying around and coconut flour, and was made in the style that my dad taught me for making dough: ratios of ingredients mixed together on the counter and kneaded with plenty of butter.



1 cup chopped hazelnuts

3/4 cup coconut flour

1 egg

4-5 TBSP grassfed butter, plus more for the top

2 TBSP honey

Dash of salt

About a pound combined of whatever fruit you want, I used ~2/3 pound apricots and ~1/3 pound plums

Dash of cinnamon

Optional: You could add coconut sugar/ stevia/ honey/ maple syrup to your fruit filling if you want it to be sweeter; I personally enjoyed the contrast of the tart fruit with the crunchy crust.


Preheat oven to 350 and grease bottom of pie dish.

Slice fruit into bite-sized pieces and put aside in a bowl so the juices can combine. I put some cinnamon on them at this stage.

Chop up the hazelnuts. I did this by hand because I like chopping and because my food processor made such a terrible noise that the cat came in to check it out when I turned it on.


Combine chopped nuts with the coconut flour and salt on your counter or a big cutting board.

Make a hollow spot in the dry mixture and crack an egg into the middle. Cut 2 TBSP butter into the dough. Break the yolk with your hand (make sure they are clean, obviously they should be clean, you’re cooking) and cover the egg with flour/nut mixture.


Knead the dough until it stays together pretty well. This can take a while. Add more butter in to get the crust to stay together better.

IMG_6359Here’s how my dough looked when I put in into my pie pan. Lay the dough into the pan evenly and bake for 10 minutes, until the edges are golden brown.


Once pre-baked, spread the fruit evenly and put a couple pats of butter on the top. I also sprinkled some brown sugar over the fruit.


Bake about 15 minutes, until fruit is soft when poked with a fork. Let cool before serving and enjoy! Mine turned out pretty tart and tangy, so I think it would taste amazing served with vanilla ice cream!


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