Lemony Green Smoothie Recipe


It’s another really warm day in Davis; perfect for a cool green smoothie! My roommate bought a shitload of kale and told me to help myself with it because it’s more kale than she could probably eat in her whole life so I based it on that and whatever else I found in my fridge.

FullSizeRender (3)

Makes 1 giant smoothie or two normal-sized ones.


~6 oz. lemonade (or, if you prefer, straight lemon juice with the sweetener of your choice/ homemade lemonade)

~2 oz. water

1 frozen banana*

1 fresh banana*

~1 1/2 cups kale (as much as you can fit in blender)

~3/4 cup spinach (as much as you can fit in blender)

Ice cubes


Put the liquids in the blender first, then add the bananas.


Cram as much greenery as you want/can into the blender.


Blend until volume of leaves has decreased, then add ice cubes.

Blend again until ice is crushed and everything is thoroughly mixed. Serve and enjoy!


*Banana note: You could totally use 2 fresh bananas or 2 frozen bananas, you would just need to adjust the amount of ice you add. More frozen banana = less ice added, more fresh banana = more ice added, ya dig?


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