June 2015 Birchbox Review


I got my very first Birchbox yesterday! Even though Birchbox is the original subscription box and one that many people start with, I wasn’t inspired to try it until I saw a “your first box for $1” promotion. That was too good for me to pass up, of course, and after some address confusion (which was quickly resolved by very helpful customer service people!) my box is here!

I have to say, I’m so happy with this box that I’m little sad that I’ve never tried it before! The customization, season-relevance, quality, and great customer service made me a happy camper! Birchbox costs $10 a month for a woman’s subscription and $20 a month for a man’s subscription. After getting your box and trying the samples, you can submit reviews of each product and earn Birchbox points that you can redeem and buy products with. Each 100 Birchbox points = $10 in their store.

The contents of my box

The contents of my box

Here’s what I got:

1.Coola Mango scented SPF 50 Sport Sunscreen. Full-size sells for $32. I haven’t tried this yet but I immediately put it in my purse for emergency I’m outside for more than 10 minutes and will burn to a crisp situations.

2. Real Chemistry Luminous 3- Minute Peel. Full-size is $48. I was worried that this would irritate my sensitive skin (but no worried enough to not try it, obviously) but it didn’t at all! No redness, just soft skin. Love it.


3. Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Day Tint. Full-size sells for $48. This tinted moisturizer is SPF 25 and is the perfect shade for my skin! I tried it this morning after using the peel in the shower and I’m really happy with how my skin looks today.

4. Kerastase Elixer Ultime is a lightweight hair oil that sells for $56 full-size. I haven’t tried this sample yet but I’m interested to see how it works with curly hair like mine.

5. Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner. Full-size is $11. This is a really pretty yet subtle purple color, which is awesome both because purple is my favorite color and I have green eyes so purple really makes them pop. I like that it’s waterproof, that’s handy for summer, but I’ll have to test it out before I fully believe it. If it can make it through a 110 degree Davis day and maybe a quick swim I’ll be a real believer. Another great thing about this eyeliner is it seems like a regular-sized eyeliner to me, not sample size. It definitely has at least a couple sharpenings in it, meaning I’ll be able to use it for months.


A bonus Emi Jay hair tie was also included. Bonus items are always a nice touch.


My face today is brought to you by Birchbox. I love how my skin looks after the peel and day tint and the Marcelle eyeliner adds a little extra pop to my eyes. I love Birchbox so far and even though almost all of these products are far out of my price range, it’s a fun treat to be able to try new products and experiment with makeup more. Definitely worth the $1.09 (plus tax) I paid for this box!


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