My Favorite Makeup Right Now


I’m not one of those people who do elaborate makeup every day (or really often at all) but I rarely start my day without curling my eyelashes and putting on mascara, at the very least. My current mascara is Length Matters (1) from Julep, which I got in one of my Maven boxes.

I discovered Benefit Erase Paste (2) after doing some fairly extensive research on the best undereye concealer for dark circles and it’s definitely the best one I’ve ever tried. The orange-y pigmentation cancels out bluish shadows well.

I love bareMinerals Broad Spectrum Multi-Tasking Face (3) (a hella long name for a really nice powder with SPF 20 in it) and use it with my $2 drugstore brush.

When I do put in a little more effort, it’s usually with Julep Gel Eye Glider eyeliner (6). I have it in Rich Brown, Smoky Plum, and Smoky Taupe Shimmer. The formula goes on smoothly and sets well within 30 seconds. It also sharpens easily so I can use it forever.

The Covergirl BB cream (5) is from Rite Aid and I like it for days when my skin is doing a weird color thing that needs some correcting. I’m not a fan of foundation because I find it makes my face look fake and I accidentally and immediately rub it off on something because I constantly touch my face. Too high maintenance for me.

My favorite eye shadow (4) of the moment is au Naturale in White Quartz from the My Subscription Addiction Quarterly box (since discontinued). It’s shimmery and fancy but not too much, and it’s organic.

I’ve been doing more makeup exploring lately with Birchbox and Julep, so I anticipate a second part to this post coming soon!


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Makeup Right Now

  1. I love the Julep Gel eye glider eyeliner so much that I bought it in 6 colors plus 1 for my mom! I am using that mascara too and it’s really good. 🙂

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  2. No, I have the smoky plum (wore it today!) but was waiting for the bright purple to be a low-priced add on or secret store item. 🙂


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