June 2015 Wantable Accessory Box Review

Hello! It’s been many months since I got a Wantable box, I think my last one was in January, and I have to say that I’m very happy that I got one this month! I went in and changed my preferences to reflect summer, meaning no scarves and definitely sunglasses.

For those of you who are new to Wantable, it’s a monthly subscription box that has several options: makeup, intimates, and accessories. They also have style edits, but that is a different category than their original boxes. When you sign up, you take a highly customizable quiz in which you choose your preferences for everything from type of accessories to metal tone color. You put things in categories of “love,” “like,” and “dislike” and they will send you more of what you “love” and never anything you put in the “dislike” category. You also have the option at the end of the quiz to write a note to your stylist about anything you particularly want. The accessory boxes usually come with four pieces. Wantable does free returns if you are not satisfied with your collection.

Here’s my box this month:

pickerimage (1)


The Piper earrings are described as the “perfect multi tone drop earrings this summer”. It’s a little hard to tell in this picture, but the outside is gold and the inside is silver. My first impression is that these are very classy and different. When I tried them on though, I didn’t like how they hung, so I fixed it by changing out the ear wires!


They hang straight now and I know I’ll wear them a lot more than I would have otherwise! Jewelry pliers for the win. The listed price for these is $16.


I was so happy to see sunglasses in this box, especially since I requested them. My favorite pair of sunglasses, the ones I wear on the daily, are also from Wantable, and I wanted a different-looking pair to add to the mix. These have classic cat eye frames in a tortoise shell color.


They seem kind of big on my face, but not ridiculously so, so I’ll be wearing them all the time. These retail for $18.


The Kaylee earrings are simple silver and gold studs, and I really like them! When I pulled them out of the box, I was kinda unimpressed, but once I put them on, they grew on me. Great addition to my earring collection because the two tones mean they match with so much more!


These earrings sell for $12 and they look dope with the rest of my studs.


I did know that I needed a necklace like this in my life, but I did! I asked for something tassel-y because I like the trend, but this exceeded my expectations! Turquoise is my one of my favorite colors and stones, and it looks beautiful on this necklace with the glass beads. This necklace feels very well made, which is another thing to love about it.


Close up of mixed metal tassel

The Adele necklace will look really good with either pair of earrings too, I think. It retails for $27.

This box is a total win for me! I will be keeping and wearing all of these pieces for sure. The value listed on the order detail sheet is $73 which is good for the $32 I paid but I even feel like some of these pieces could sell for higher (gasp! I have never said that before.) I’m more impressed with the apparent quality this month than I have been in the past and I really feel like I got over my money’s worth (which is, of course, the point). If you want to order your own Wantable collection, use my referral link here 🙂


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