Hazel Lane June 2015 Box Review

I ordered this box MONTHS ago but it finally was here waiting for me when I got home from my vacations this morning! While I’m happy with the box, I have to say that the amount of time it took to get shipped out seems really unprofessional. Getting a June box in mid-July is pretty lame; luckily, there was some cool stuff in there!

Hazel Lane recently changed their model from monthly to quarterly boxes of local goods from a different area or city in the U.S. The boxes are still $45. (I used a coupon for $10 off this box a million years ago/ probably in May).


The info card is in the form of a ticket to Venice Beach, CA, this month’s location.

IMG_8803 IMG_8802

These Rose Avenue Sweets are chocolate-covered caramels with some flowery essence. They are so pretty, but unfortunately, I don’t like the taste with the dried roses and hibiscus.


Retail price $4


Retail price = $4

These gold temporary tattoos are cute and will either be fun for a concert or festival or make a cute gift. This is definitely trendy in California, so it makes sense to see these in a summer box.

Retail price = $4

Retail price = $4

This Stone Candle Votive is a pretty color and lovely scent- it smells like the ocean. I love candles, so I’m happy to add this little one to my collection.


Retail price = $15

One of the items in the box is a coupon for a free month of online yoga classes from the Santa Monica-based My Yoga Works. As a yogi, this is one of my favorite things in the box! I’m excited to try it and see what the classes are like.


Retail price = $12

This gadget is an eco-friendly amplifier for your phone speakers made from cardboard. It’s a great idea for beach trips, hikes, and picnics, so I really hope it will also work with iPhone 6! I often put my phone in a cup or pitcher to boost the sound, so this would be a rad alternative.

FullSizeRender (20)

Retail price = $24

From what I can tell, Hazel Lane always includes a print of local art that represents the culture of the place they are featuring. I love this one for Venice Beach because it also represents the area I live in/ my interests pretty well! I immediately put this in a spare frame and hung it up in my living room. Adorable art!


Retail price = $9

This airplant is from Plant + Color and came in a seashell! This is my favorite thing in the box, followed by the print. I love that Hazel Lane dares to ship living things all over the place, and this low-maintenance plant might even survive living at my apartment! I love green things but have no green thumb at all.


Retail value of about $5.55 total, $1.39 each

The box also included four little caffeinated chocolates in different flavors. I can’t wait to try them- coffee and chocolate are two of my favorite things!


Overall, I do like this box. It has a total value of over $79. If it hadn’t been a month late, I would probably feel more positive about it, but all things considered, it’s really fun and I will use/ consume almost everything in here. I’m not planning on subscribing to their quarterly boxes any time soon, but I may try it out at some point. I will definitely enjoy the online yoga classes, little airplant, and cute print from this box, and those together make up over what I paid for this box, so it was worth it.


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