I’m Doing the August Whole30!

Hello, all! I’m back from my vacations and I’m doing Whole30! It’s day 4 for me and I feel great (which is probably mostly due to the fact that I had Bulletproof Coffee this morning – with grassfed ghee instead of butter, of course πŸ˜› )

Ben (my boyfriend, if you don’t know) and I decided to do Whole30 together, even though he basically eats this way all the time, and it just happened to work out to do it in August. I’m really digging that we’re doing it this month because it feels like the perfect time for a transition for me. While I’m changing bad food habits, I can take this month to change other habits and form new, good ones. This feels like a bridge month to me. It’s the last month before Ben and I move in together – a big step that we are both so stoked about. It’s the first month this summer where I haven’t been traveling, so I have more time to focus and get down to the business of getting a Β full-time job and planning my future. It’s the last month before I don’t go back to school in September for the first time ever. I feel really ready for the next steps, so ready that I even brought my GRE study book to work with me today. I should probably get on that before my BPC buzz wears off and my day 4 of Whole30 pre-lunch hunger sets in.

Anyway, I will be writing about how my W30 experience is going, what I’m eating, and how I’m feeling week by week (unless I get really excited about a recipe, then it will be more frequent). Here’s to change and being ready for whatever comes next!


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