Week 1 of Whole30 Recap

As I start my second full week of Whole30, I wanted to share how my first week went. It’s been going well, with only a few challenging moments so far, like when an event I worked had a table full of very aromatic fried chicken. I love how I feel and all the food I’ve been having is delicious. So far, I’m really glad I’m doing this experiment. Here’s some of the recipes I’ve made and things I’ve eaten: (yes, this is basically a food brag post but I’m excited so please humor me)


Store-bought Whole30-compliant meatballs (Aidell’s) with potatoes & homegrown peach


The fixings for my first version of protein salad: Whole30 mayo, homegrown apple, chicken, and spinach


Chili- recipe from Whole30 book


Tilapia with fresh pesto, spinach, and boiled potatoes


A delicious and simple breakfast


Salmon with Balsamic Brussel Sprouts & Sweet Potatoes- recipe from Whole30 book


Bangers and mash Whole30 recipe with my own applesauce recipe

I’m really learning the value of planning the week’s meals ahead of time and making enough to have leftovers! I am sure that I will take a lot of things I’m learning from this month into my cooking and eating habits of the future.


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