Favorite Thing of the Week: Making Apartment Project Plans

I decided to reinstate my favorite thing of the week posts! I really enjoy exploring and finding new things to be excited about, and I feel like writing these posts encourages me to have that kind of spirit.

I’m really excited about moving into my new apartment with Ben in September, so I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at Pinterest and other sites to get ideas for decorating and DIY furniture projects. Specifically, I’ve been obsessed with trying to fin this project of making a headboard with shelves out of cinder blocks, but I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME FIND IT. If anyone knows of this mythic project’s existence, please point me in its direction. However, not being able to find it means I’m just going to have to make it myself, which is probably better for my brain anyway. I want it to have the look of this cool shelving unit from Sian Pascale, simple and minimal, but behind my bed instead.

Picture from Sian Pascale's blog

Picture from Sian Pascale’s blog

I need to measure the height of the bed (I have it on risers so I can have storage space underneath) and figure out the diameter of the shelves I want, and then I can plan out the design. I really like building and putting together furniture, so this is a fun project for me.

One of the other projects I’m excited to try will be based on this bar cart IKEA hack from Lifestyle 365.

Image from Lifestyle 365

Image from Lifestyle 365

I love the idea of mounting stemware and wine bottle holders on a piece of furniture I already own, so I’m going to try it with the IKEA chest that we’re going to use as our entertainment center. Combination booze storage/ TV unit? Sounds perfect to me.

There are so many great projects out there! Do you have any favorites that you’ve used for your house?


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