Whole30 Weeks 2 & 3 Recap

Hello & happy Monday! I am on day 24 of my August Whole30 (but really Whole31 because I want to do the whole month). I set out thinking that I was going to be blogging about my Whole30 experience a lot more than I have been, but I’m fine with that!

Some of the yummy food I've been eating while I wasn't blogging

Some of the yummy food I’ve been eating while I wasn’t blogging

The experience has been going really well. During my meal planning session yesterday, I spent some time reading the reintroduction section of the book and figured out what I want to reintroduce when. September is a busy and exciting month, starting with moving and then continuing with my dad’s birthday, camping, my birthday, etc. so I’m going to be doing the fast track reintroduction. With this method, you add one thing back for a day, see how you feel, go back on Whole30 for two days to compare, and then try adding back a different thing; for example, add back non-gluten grains the first day, then eat Whole30 food, and on day 4, try adding some dairy.

My first time poaching salmon, and it turned out great!

My first time poaching salmon, and it turned out great!

I’m glad that I read the book before I started the month (haha, duh, reading the book is a good idea) because a lot of their tips have helped me have a smooth time doing this. Not obsessing about the scale or numbers and instead focusing on how I feel and what’s changing has given me a really positive mindset about it. My mom asked me if I’ve lost any weight so far and I told her that I don’t know and that I also kind of don’t care because I feel great and I have noticed that I’m looking different. It’s a freeing feeling, and I’m considering getting rid of my scale for good.


Beef & chicken chimmichuri skewers

I made a super delicious Whole30 dinner of barbecued chimmichuri skewers and cabbage slaw for my family and my friend Abi on Friday (see above picture). It was really fun and turned out way tastier than I had expected. I love the recipes in the book, none of them have let me down so far. My fam was drinking wine with dinner & I was drinking my new favorite thing, VitaCoco Mango & Peach coconut water and Abi asked to try it. She had some, looked confused and said that it wasn’t sweet at all and I should have warned her. I laughed and was confused myself because to me it does taste sweet! I like that I’ve gotten reintroduced to what is naturally sweet instead of artificially sweetened.

My happy Whole30 drink fridge after a trip to Costco :)

My happy Whole30 drink fridge after a trip to Costco & finding a 12 pack of the original flavor 🙂

I have one more week of the program, counting today, and I’m excited to finish strong! It makes me feel great to be able to stick to something like this for 31 days, and that it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be. I’m definitely going to do it again in the future.


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