September 2015 Wantable Accessories Review

I took at 2-month hiatus from shopping during July and August which was great, but I knew I was going to want to order a Wantable box for my birthday in September. I opened it this morning and I love 3 out of the 4 items.

For those of you who are new to Wantable, they are a subscription service that offers three kinds of regular boxes (items you keep at no extra cost) and two different edits (styling services that give you a discount on items if you choose to keep them). My favorite box is the accessories one, which is what I got this month.

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Just having some fun with pumpkins and accessories

Different style of packaging this month

Different style of packaging this month

The first thing I got in this box is the Chloe scarf. I love the colors & patterns – so perfect for fall! It’s also really lightweight so I can actually wear it in Davis before November without getting heatstroke. I’m excited to pair this with the new denim tunic I got last week.


Chloe scarf

Next is the only item in my box that I don’t love. These silver Kristy studs are cute and seem well-made, they just aren’t my style. I much prefer big, dangly earrings. I’ve never utilized this option before, but I will be returning these. Usually when I get something in a box that isn’t “me”, I’ll gift it to someone, but these don’t remind me of anyone in particular, so back they go.

Kristy studs in silver

Kristy studs in silver. 

My third item was the Issa necklace in silver. I changed my jewelry color preferences to only include silver this month & I’m happy with the results. I really like this necklace; it has interesting patterning on each of the pendants, the chain feels very strong, and it isn’t like anything else I have. I’m going to have to pick out my birthday brunch outfit to go with this necklace!


Closer look at the details

Closer look at the details

Last but not least, I got the Aubree ring. I have a pretty big ring collection, and this fits right into it. With the silver and the interesting design, it’s exactly my style.

Aubree ring in silver

Aubree ring in silver


With my new arrow ring & my fresh Julep mani, I’m ready for birthday weekend!

I am really happy with my September box, since I am able to return the earrings. The other three items are pretty and I think I’ll get a lot of use out of them! If you want to order your own Wantable box, please use my referral link!


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