Spicy Paleo Breaded Fish

Here’s an easy and flavorful fish recipe I made for dinner on Monday. I made my Paleo Schnitzel this weekend and was inspired to use the same kind of breading on fish.


2-4 fillets of white fish

1 egg, beaten

1/2-1 cup coconut flour

1-2 cups almond meal

Chili flakes

Cayenne pepper

Salt & pepper

Coconut oil


Prepare the breading ingredients in three dishes: coconut flour, egg, and almond flour. Add chili flakes & cayenne to the almond flour as desired- be careful that you go in small pinches or you will end up with really spicy fish.


Melt coconut oil in a skillet over medium heat. Salt and pepper both sides of your fish, then dredge in coconut oil, dip thoroughly in the egg, and coat both sides with the spicy almond meal. Place in pan once the oil is hot. Cook about 3 minutes per side (but this will differ slightly depending on what kind of fish you use.)

That’s it! Very simple and quick to make. I topped it with my homemade mayo (recipe to come) and it was a nice balance to the spice.



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