October 2015 Rocksbox Review

This is my third Rocksbox, but I’ve been so busy that I didn’t get around to reviewing the other ones! Rocksbox is a designer jewelry subscription service, but instead of keeping the pieces, you wear them and send them back when you’re ready for a change! If you fall in love with a piece, you do have the option to buy it at a discounted price (which I did with the necklace in this box.)

Each box comes with three pieces of jewelry, usually one from your Wishlist and two surprise pieces selected by a stylist based on your answers to a style quiz. You can keep the box and wear the pieces for as long as you want, but you won’t get a new box until you send the old one back. Rocksbox is $19 a month, which I think is a great deal because you can get new jewelry as many times as you want – as fast as you can wear it and send it back!


Use code LEILABFF18 at checkout to get your first month for free!

My favorite thing about this subscription service is that I can try new styles and wear new & varied jewelry without committing to owning it forever! If you read this blog, you know I love accessories, so this is so far a very economical & fun way to wear new things.


Rocksbox has lovely packaging. I love the little notes from the stylist who picked out the pieces.


This Wanderlust + Co ring is so pretty! I know I put that I love rings and silver on my style quiz so it totally lives up to that, but I wear most of my rings every day, so they need to be able to take a beating and this little one is just too delicate. I’ll probably wear it this weekend (maybe for Halloween!) and then send it back.


These ice-blue earrings are nice and went very well with my outfit yesterday, but they don’t thrill me. I am looking for more subtle, matchable earrings, but these are not the ones for me. Pretty, but I’m not crazy about them.


Earrings & necklace from Rocksbox – Shirt from Gap – Vest from Goldentote

I’ll update this post later with a better picture of the necklace, but here’s what I wore it with yesterday. The stylist note said that it’s a brand-new piece for Rocksbox and it’s super on-trend with what I’ve been seeing online from style bloggers, etc. I love it! It’s silver, it’s long, it’s classy, and it’ll go with so many things! This is the first thing I have decided to keep from one of my Rocksboxes because I see myself wanting to wear it often. With my monthly shine spend ($10 you get each month to apply to something you want) it was $24!

That’s it! Rocksbox is currently my favorite jewelry/accessory subscription box, and if you want to try it out for free, use my code LEILABFF18!


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