Weekend Painting Project

It’s been straight-up months since I wrote a blog post, but I’m quite excited about this and it seemed like time.

After many months of living in this apartment, Ben and I finally got around to doing some home improvements. The weather was beautiful and sunny last weekend, so we painted our TV console!

It’s a nice, real wooden piece from Ikea that I got from my parents, but it was totallyunfinished and about ten years old, so therefore quite streaky and also stained with wax from some Halloween candles gone awry.


Ben looked up how to paint furniture the right way, and we went to Ace Hardware to get the supplies. We puttied, let it dry, and primed, let it dry. The next day we painted with the real paint, let it dry, and then did the last coat. As it turns out, it takes several days and lots of drying time to complete a painting project.


Primed and ready


A cutie πŸ˜„


We chose “colonial red” for our color. The first coat looked streaky, but the second coat totally filled it out.


A little Sunday funday wine for painting.


All painted and smooth!


Now that it’s inside, the red is much less bright. I like it a lot and am very happy with how it turned out. Riley from Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s shirt even kinda matches it!

A good weekend project and a job well done, I think.


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